SHIFT comes alive in co-operation with our partners, who arrange different kinds of activities and experiences to the festival visitors. We recommend you to visit all of the partner booths. Find them in our map!

Listed below are the programs with more detailed timetables. Pre-registration might be needed, remember to sign up to get the best out of SHIFT. See all our partners here!

Escape Room

Cybersecurity Escape Room

CGI brings to the scene Cybersecurity Escape Room game which is created for staff training – anywhere and anytime you want. Usually individuals and personal activities are the biggest weakness of information security. At SHIFT you can prepare yourself to become the strongest link in cybersecurity and meet awesome people while playing the game.

Book your game at SHIFT here!


Sofokus Saunas

Can you take the heat?

Sofokus is a Finnish technology partner focused on creating digital platform solutions. Sofokus helps organizations to identify their digital assets and turn them into a defensible competitive edge.

At the SHIFT 2019 Sofokus is on a mission to find out what the future of growth looks like. Sofokus is organizing a variety of events at the dock area, on ferries and at sea. Just head to the shore and look for two ferries, you can’t miss them!

Sofokus crew will take you on a ride to the future by hosting three roundtable cruises during the festival days. Join and take part in interesting discussions about hacking growth, learning faster and success.

Read more about the free roundtable cruise topics and sing up here!

Are you taking part in Intelligent city shark tank hosted by 6Aika? Like in any sport, it’s recommendable to warm up before diving in with the sharks. Grab your swimsuit and join Sofokus at their sauna ferry and perfect your pitch in a heated environment. The crew will give you professional feedback and tips how to ace the shark tank. The crew will be present at the ferry during the festival opening hours.

For further information contact Lauriina Holmtröm


Intelligent City Shark Tank

Intelligent City Shark Tank

6Aika (Six City) is a strategy for sustainable urban development. It is a joint strategy of the six largest cities in Finland. Together, they tackle the challenges of urbanization and evolve towards ever more intelligent and inherently human-centric cities.

In SHIFT 2019, 6Aika organizes a “Shark Tank” on Friday and invites 5-7 groups to pitch their ideas for them. 6Aika provides the six cities as growth and innovation platforms for you to try out your business concepts and to further develop your business ideas. Companies have the possibility to co-create their ideas together with the cities.


6Aika has seven projects that are divided for the two festival days, Thursday and Friday. These projects are situated on different business fields.


Thursday 29th of August

12.00-13.00 HNRY – Carbon Neutral and Resource Wise Industrial Areas,  round table discussions

13.00-14.00 Energy Wise Cities

14.00-15.00 CityIoT

15.00-16.00 Smart Learning Environments for the Future

16.00-16:30 PoraKONE and DigiPore round table discussions

16.30-17.00 Elisa startup collaboration

18.00-19.00 Hackathon final at main stage


Friday 30th of August

11.00-12.00 CircVol – Utilisation of side streams and masses of soil in cities

12.00-13.00 365/12

13.00-14.30. Shark Tank

14.30-15.30 Smart City Guidance


The Shark Tank event will take place at 6Aika’s container at Ruissalo Shipyard. Register here!

The projects will describe themselves better during the event. Find out more by clicking on their names. For more information, please contact Meri Lindström

Åbo Akademi

Do you want to start something epic?

Åbo Akademi University is intrigued about shaping the future. They create and drive cutting edge research and education, by joining forces and creating partnerships. They value innovative collaboration opportunities, together with stakeholders that want to be on the edge of science and innovation.


At their Åbo Akademi University SHIFT container they offer an exciting collaborative program track:

  • four roundtables,
  • two cutting edge research presentations, and
  • collaboration partner scouting opportunities.



13.00-13.20 Round table: From research to business collaboration

13.30-14.30 Meet the project: PolyBright

15.00-15.20 Round table: Business development – Challenges and risks vs. benefits

15.30-16.00 Find new partners

16.00-17.00 Meet the project: Anison



12.30-12.50 Round Table: Academic – industrial collaboration

13.00-13.30 Find new partners: NÅA Business Center

14.00-14.20 Round Table: New industrial revolution (no.4)?


Try resonance breathing with HRV feedback 

Are you interested in the freshest mental health technologies? Or would you just appreciate a quick break in the middle of all the festival buzz? Stop by at the If booth on Thursday afternoon between 14 and 16 o’clock, and test how you can immediately impact your stress levels simply with your own breath – and see the direct physical response in your body.

Resonance breathing has recently received plenty of scientific validation as a tool for treating depression and anxiety. Meru Health, a Finnish company, is pioneering the technology by adopting the method into their 12-week therapy program. The first results from and reactions to this “biofeedback” feature have been amazed and amazing. But don’t believe it without checking it out for yourself!


Quru offers free in <body> measurements of your website at the Shift Business Festival!

Quru’s experts implement free in <body> measurements on your website

  • Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can book an appointment here!

If you didn’t catch your time in advance, don’t worry! There’s also non-stop audits at the Quru container. Non-stop audits last from about 15 minutes to half an hour.

So take a direction to the Quru Container at Shift Business Festival and get a quick overview of your website’s digital performance! Of course, you are welcome to visit Quru container for other things as well, such as talking about digital marketing and analytics in general, saying hello to the Quru team or just enjoying a cup of coffee.