Start a journey of intelligent, sustainable, and profitable regrowth.

The economic shock created by COVID-19 has forced many companies to rethink their business models. In the SHIFT Business Webstival online Kick-off in August 2020, SHIFT challenges business leaders and developers to join the quest for intelligent, sustainable, and profitable regrowth. We’ll dive into themes like new directions of the economy, ecological reconstruction, and the trend of technology becoming embedded in everything.

26 August 2020 at 13:00-14:45
Online networking after the official program ends at 14:45.

Toni Ahlqvist, Professor at Finland Futures Research Centre at University of Turku
Tiina Härkönen, Leading Specialist Human Driven Data Economy at The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
Pia Erkinheimo, Director – Power of Data at The Finnish State Development Company Vake
Egbert Schram, CEO at Hofstede Insights Group

The event is hosted by Kirsi Kostia and Niko Herlin from Great Minds.

City of Turku, is joining the ride with a hackathon taking place during the Sustainable Regrowth Challenge: Dashboard hackathon challenge – How to communicate and visualize open data.


The kick-off is followed by free expert webinars throughout September and October. The whole SHIFT Business Webstival event series culminates in the main event 27–28 October 2020.



Kick-off Speakers

Toni Ahlqvist

Professor, Finland Futures Research Centre

Pia Erkinheimo

Director - Power of Data, The Finnish Development Company Vake

Egbert Schram

CEO, Hofstede Insights

Tiina Härkönen

Leading Specialist, Sitra

Kirsi Kostia

Facilitator, Sustainable Regrowth Challenge

Niko Herlin

Facilitator, Sustainable Regrowth Challenge