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SHIFT on a plate – don’t miss these!

SHIFT program offers food for thought for advanced radical innovators and everyone with a curious mind. Both festival days are backed with excellent presentations and discussions from our keynote speakers and partners and we know it might be overwhelming to choose where to go and what not to miss. 


Here’s our collected cheat sheet to start with

If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, check out at least these Ethics of Artificial Intelligence on Thursday and Cut the Hype: AI Today and In the Future on Friday.

If you are interested in Circular Economy, attending to these are a must Bringing Circular Economy from Strategy to Revenues on Thursday and Industrial Circular Economy on Friday. 

If you are interested in Maritime, sail to these Automated and Autonomous Harbors on Thursday and Machine Learning and The Future of Analytics on Friday.

And if you are a Business Leader or generally interested in future prospects, don’t miss these Future of Human-Machine Interface on Thursday and Deploying AI: Are We Being Honest About How Hard It Really Is on Friday.


This list is to get you started, exploring and getting to know the whole timetable is highly recommended. Besides stage program, we have various workshops and round table conversations. Learn more about our engaging program here.

Along with the keynotes and business centered programs, we have a lot of different arts and experiences provided by our partners and artists, both day and night


To see, there’s installations like Diminishing Returns, Mixed Media by Balance & Mild and This Place, Under Purple Sky by Lilli Haapala. 

To experience, there’s for example Cybersecurity Escape Room by CGI and Human Simulation performance by Unia, Performing Arts.