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Breakfast with friends and Data Economy

Breakfast seminar on 14.2.2020 at 8:00-10:00
Epicenter, Helsinki

SHIFT and Sofokus welcome you to kick off Valentine’s Day morning with a free seminar about data economy. Come learn about the globally rising topic, and of course to get to know the seminar hosts.

 The size of the European data economy was €330 billion in 2017, representing approximately 2.4% of the continent’s GDP. According to the high growth scenario, the number is forecast to exceed €1 trillion in 2025. Data economy regulation is closely linked to privacy. The question is: Should it be developed on terms of people or corporations, and what does this actually mean to your business and personal data?


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8:00-8:30 Breakfast and welcome words from hosts
8:30-9:10 ”Data Economy – on terms of people or corporations?” Marko Mähönen, Sofokus
9:10-9:20 “Intelligent Business Will Save the World” Mari Männistö, SHIFT
9:20-9:30 “Why we partner with SHIFT” Lauriina Holmström, Sofokus
9:30-10:00 Networking

Data Economy – on terms of people or corporations?
Starting at 8:30 Marko will be talking about data economy.

The rise of data economy is rocketing globally. Regulation of the economy is closely linked to privacy. One question that businesses are thinking is: Should the data economy be developed on terms of people or corporations, and what does this actually mean to your business and your personal data?

As the data economy emerges, changes in customer expectations and technological advancements will transform supply chains into complex mesh ecosystems. Production strategies will shift and collaboration across organizations and ecosystems will create a more open flow of information and ideas.

SHIFT Business Festival
Starting at 9:10 Mari will talk about the concept of intelligent business. According to SHIFT, companies can and should build intelligence and sustainability in the business model to make a hefty profit while being good to the people and the environment around the business.

The program at SHIFT 2020 provides glimpses of the future of intelligent technology and its business applications, as well as gives insight into how industries can utilize new technologies to accelerate sustainable change. Behind SHIFT is a non-profit organization driven by volunteers and supported by a network of community impact organizations.

Why Sofokus partners with SHIFT
Ending the morning, Lauriina will tell us a few reasons why Sofokus partners with SHIFT and why our collaboration has continued through the years.