In a world ravaged by the climate crisis, diminishing natural resources, and biodiversity loss, growth of the economy and well-being can no longer be based on the wasteful use of natural resources and on buying and owning more and more new goods. We need smarter economic models that will not stop consumption but transform it, making it more sustainable.

On stage
Marleena Ahonen, Circular Economy Expert at Sitra

Anton Schubert, Design Lead – Gofore Good Growth at Gofore

Hosted by
Lesley Jääskeläinen of Luxe Unagency


Marleena Ahonen will focus on the transition to a Circular Economy and how it is changing the way we own things and Producer ownership is the next big thing. Instead of owning, we’re moving towards using, sharing, and renting.

Companies are starting to implement new service and sharing models – both on B2B and B2C side. The change of ownership is integrated into the circular economy business models – for example, products-as-a-service and sharing platforms. While being better for the planet, also better customer values can be delivered by offering outcomes instead of selling products. What is the change about and what possibilities does producer ownership offer to Finnish companies?

In his presentation, Anton Schubert will present the concept of Good Growth. It’s a new business model for sustainable development that will help companies embed sustainability into everything they do. Good Growth is a joint venture between Gofore and Ekokumppanit that aims to address sustainability in every project they do. In addition it unifies cross-disciplinary stakeholders around a shared way of working and concretely sets and measures key KPI’s that are related to the 17 sustainable development goals and also bespoke project levels goals.