Since 2016, SHIFT’s speakers have been nothing but the best-of-the best, and the year 2019 is no exception. In our main program you have the opportunity to hear and speak with modern-day-einsteins spanning from business & technology to science & philosophy. We pride ourselves in offering you the most intellectually stimulating content out there.

In addition to the high-level main program, investor ticket holders have the unique opportunity to participate in the Investor Track program. The Investor Track offers exclusive chats with renowned angel investors and venture capitalists, opportunities to meet-up with other investors, and witness pitches of top-notch startups.

Matchmaking tool Brella is in your use during the two main festival days and our event venue has a separate matchmaking area for your meetings. Don’t forget to register to Brella in advance to get the most out of your two days.


For ticket packages and partnerships, contact Elia Elenius.

Elia Elenius, CDO
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"SHIFT FEELS LIKE A NORDIC SXSW. TRULY AMAZING" Jonathan Pulitzer, Managing Director, GE Ventures

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Wednesday 28 August

Å-pitch – Official SHIFT Side Event

Seminar, matchmaking & startup competition

“Å Pitch is the first Nordic pitching event under the slogan “do good, do business”. This means we are looking for startups centered around ethical and sustainable business that provide solutions that “do good”, be it combating climate change, fostering sustainable development, peace tech, water, waste and food solutions, trustworthy AI, etc. Of course, the businesses also need to “do business” and have solid business plans.” Read more.

Thursday 29 August

Investor Meetup

Meet your peers

“Meet other investors who are attending SHIFT 2019.”

Friday 30 August

Real Talk – Chat with Jumanne Mtambalike

Talk with people who make a difference

“Real Talk is your opportunity to meet and talk real issues with top angel investors and venture capitalists, handpicked by us to broaden your perspective. On this Real Talk session, you will meet Jumanne Mtambalike, the Chief Executive Officer of Sahara Ventures.”

Friday 30 August

Boost Demoday – Official SHIFT Side Event

Pitching competition and demo session

“Witness the finalists of the best accelerator program in Finland* pitch on stage and demonstrate their final results.”

*Nordic Startup Awards 2015 Best Accelerator Program Winner

Read more


CEO, Sahara Ventures

Investor Pass

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