Welcome to SHIFT Business Festival

25-26 August 2021 | Hotel Kakola and virtually

This page is your guide to a successful SHIFT experience. We will update here literally everything and anything you need to know about the festival. Reading this carefully and adding the page to your bookmarks is strongly recommended. Like really.

We cannot wait to meet you.


To enter the Hotel Kakola venue and claim your wristband, you need the QR code on the ticket sent to you via e-mail, so do not lose it. You may even want to save it to your camera roll to have it easily available. All tickets to SHIFT are personal. Arrive well on time and use the waiting time to make new business friends.


If you can’t find your ticket in your inbox, please contact asiakaspalvelu@liveto.io.


This is where you want to get: Kakolankatu 14 20100 Turku, Finland. Please note that the parking spaces are very limited – we encourage you to favor public transport, walking or cycling. You can park your bike in the marked bicycle area in front the hotel. Please do not enter the venue with electric kickboards.



Are you ready to find your perfect business match? Better be, the matchmaking starts now. First, you need to sign up to our virtual event platform, Liveto.


👉 Sign up to Liveto matchmaking & virtual venue here


Setting your user profile

  • Click Sign up in the right corner of the login page.
  • NB! You need to log in with the same email where you have received SHIFT 2021 your ticket.
  • Email needs to be verified via a link sent to email.
  • Fill in the information in your account. Add a picture and name to your profile along with other information.


If you are having trouble with signing in, contact us at asiakaspalvelu@liveto.io. We’re here to help!


Technical instructions

  • The recommendation is to use Google Chrome as a browser but Firefox and Microsoft Edge are also valid.
  • Please note that a strong firewall can also affect the virtual event platform and block some of the content. Regular users don’t usually need to make any changes to the firewall, but if one is using the organisation’s device and internet connections, ask the technical support in charge that the firewall allows UDP ports 30300-30500/UDP to domain jvb.liveto.io.
  • If you experience any issues with sound or image, refresh or restart the browser. Make sure the sound is on in your device and browser and you have a good internet connection.
  • Don’t keep any other browsers, tabs, or software open during the event.


If you have any questions or problems with signing up or logging into Liveto, please contact the customer service:

  • asiakaspalvelu@liveto.io
  • 0600 30005 (1,78 €/min)


You can start setting meetings with other SHIFT matchmakers right away.
Matchmaking instructions await you in Liveto at the front page (scroll down a bit and there they are).

Innovation retreat - leave the ordinary behind

Book accommodation at Hotel Kakola

SHIFT is especially special this year. Ticket holders can book accommodation at the festival venue, Hotel Kakola. We call this – attending the festival and staying overnight at the venue – the innovation retreat. It draws you from the ordinary, nurtures creative thinking, and strengthens the bonds and encounters with others sharing the same experience.

Hotel Kakola
All premises of Hotel Kakola are reserved for SHIFT 24-26 August. If you’re traveling from a distance, consider booking your room already on the 24th – the opening show starts already around 10 on the first festival day and you don’t want to miss that!

Rooms come in all styles and sizes. See the options here.  The page is in Finnish only, hotel staff will assist you with translation.
Pro tip from us to you: There are fewer rooms than ticket holders, so pick your room now before others do!

Room prices and booking

Single 125 € (sold out)
Twin and Standard 145 € (sold out)
Jail Room 150 €
Family room 190 €
Superior 195€
Junior Suite 210 € (sold out)

Booking, inquiries, and information about the cancellation policy
+358 2 515 0555
When booking, remember to mention that you’re attending SHIFT with Executive Pass.

8 things successful people do before SHIFT

Do the matchmaking thing
Signing up for the matchmaking system is a smart thing to do. Along with a list of attendees, our full timetable is there.
How to set meetings? Find out from the matchmaking instructions! How to attend Business Speed Dating with extended international network of participants? Attend the speed dating record attempt on August 25–27. 

Let people know you are coming to SHIFT
Let your network and fellow festival attendees know that you and your company are coming to SHIFT – how will they otherwise know to look for you at the venue?

We would love to see your #onmywaytoSHIFT journey, and these are the ways to show it. We have our own Facebook profile picture frame and Instagram filter to bring into use!

How to add a frame to your Facebook profile picture:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/profilepicframes
  • Search for a frame by entering SHIFT 2021.
  • Choose the frame you want to use from the two amazing options.
  • Click “Use as Profile Picture”.

How to use our Instagram filter:

  • Head to our Instagram account @theshiftfi
  • Click the three-star icon above the feed.
  • Click the filter open and tab the “Try Out” button and make your own Instagram story!

Read SHIFT Blog for prep
Let SHIFT Blog with texts from the speakers, partners & our idols set you in the right mood for the festival. Reading the speakers’ blogs is also a great inspiration for applying for the mentoring sessions!
You’ll find the blog here.

Plan ahead
Get the most out of the SHIFT Week and forge out your plan before you arrive. Check out the stage program timetable and don’t forget the amazing side events. There is a lot going on – take time to study the program and pick your favorites!

Don’t be a jerk
We have zero-tolerance for discrimination and harassment. Report all cases to the staff nearest you. Let’s respect each other – nothing else will do.

Beware of the Finnish weather
We love for you to look your best. However, most parts of the program take place outdoors. Please be prepared for hail, rain, sunshine & dress accordingly. High heels are forbidden. Yes, forbidden. You will thank us later.

Don’t risk your or anyone else’s health
The health and safety of you and other attendees is our priority. If you have even the slightest symptoms of respiratory infection, we kindly ask you to attend the virtual parts of the festival only. Read more about our safety measures here.

Be social, follow SHIFT on social media channels and use the official hashtag #theshiftfi
LinkedIn: SHIFT Business Festival 
Instagram: @theshiftfi 
Twitter:  @theshiftfi 
Facebook: SHIFT Business Festival 

Health & safety

The health and safety of you and other attendees is our priority. To ensure that the event is safe for everyone, we kindly ask everyone to follow the instructions by the operational team. We thank you for your cooperation.

At the venue, we take the official safety measures required by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare and Regional State Administrative Agency. You’ll find signs and stickers showing the safe distance when queuing and taking part in the program. You’ll also find hand sanitizer and disposable tissues throughout the venue. 

The staff will be wearing masks for the duration of the event and we ask you to do the same thing. When coughing or sneezing, please cover your nose and mouth with a tissue, and throw the tissue away immediately. If you don’t have a tissue, please use the upper parts of your shirt or sleeve, not your hands. 

If you have even the slightest symptoms of respiratory infection, we kindly ask you to attend the virtual parts of the festival only.
Please follow the instructions given, so we can ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all. 

Please note: We’ll be taking pictures and shooting videos during the festival. Let us know if you wish NOT to be portrayed in any of the material: info@theshift.fi.