SHIFT Maritime track produced with Futurice

The program explores the new horizons brought by new technologies. The program provides a forum for building ecosystem and the share practical solutions.



For a long time, the maritime industry focused on large vessels, powerful engines, radio signals, manual labor and seafaring craftsmanship. The situation has now changed. A technological shift is pushing companies to transform their ways of working, seek new ways to operate and take advantage of solutions in automation, sensors, robotics, AI and analytics. The fact that business models are shifting towards services also has a big impact.

At the same time, environmental concerns are being raised by governments, organizations and individuals. New, powerful technologies offer new opportunities for renewal, efficiency, growth and waste reduction. The maritime industry could have a beneficial influence on what kind of world future generations live in and retain its profitability, with data-driven technology delivering greener solutions while reducing operating costs.

SHIFT is something different than your average industry fair. We got new customers for our platform as well as had a great time!" Tore Frihagen, DNV GL
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Senior Partner Solutions A..., Amazon Web Services

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CTO, Co-founder, Orca AI

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Vice President, Futurice


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