Food technology & Circular Economy


Food technology is certainly one of the noteworthy forces reshaping the industry. From online grocery shopping to meat and dairy alternatives and to product traceability, the food industry trends and practices are changing rapidly. Led by technological advancements, these changes are opening new avenues for entrepreneurs and businesses.

At SHIFT 2021, we will discuss how large food production companies are adapting to changes in their customer values. How can customers’ needs be fulfilled, whilst creating a more sustainable future? The next steps, trends, and successes of food tech are being defined now.

Circular Economy is a powerful tool for the industry to transform from linear to circular materials-based earning models, enabling it to take part in climate mitigation activities. Consumption does not have to stop rather change its shape.


Join SHIFT Business Festival 2021 and get inspired with two days of thought-provoking talks, networking, and the unique business-goes-festival experience!

Food technology & Circular Economy SPEAKERS

Lauri Reuter

Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC

Reetta Kivelä

Professor of Practice, University of Helsinki

Soh Kim

Executive Director of Food Design Research, Stanford University

Elina Lappalainen

Journalist at HS Visio, Helsingin Sanomat

Simo Ellilä

CEO, eniferBio

Janne Saarikko

Food Ecosystems Evangelist, Founder Institute

Anton Johansson

Chief Financial Officer, Mycorena

Thuong Tan

Founder & CEO, Noodelist

Harri Latva-Mäenpää

Innovation Director, Foodwest

Charlotte Aschim

CEO & Founder, TotalCtrl

Iida Miettinen

COB & Founder, Kamupak

Jyri Arponen

Senior Lead, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Henrietta Moon

CEO & Co-Founder, Carbo Culture

Cecilie Ploug Sarp

International Business developer & Expert in Circular Economy, Azilis Advisory