As the co-evolution of man and technology unfold, we are witnessing not only an extension of the mind, but a unity of mind and machine. The forthcoming conversion forces us to re-think our view of normal.




SHIFT brings forth visionaries of superintelligence, algorithmic decision making, emotional AI, extraterrestrial intelligence, super senses, virtual reality and neurotech for an open dialogue around ethics, impact and future development.


We want to both challenge and encourage you to change the way you see the world and your everyday life and work.


Join us as we discuss a plan for action.



At SHIFT cherry picking the best from the program is made easy. Redefining Normal, Redefining Industries and Redefining Entertainment are tracks running simultaneously with matchmaking. Then at the end of each day the after party is the time to let loose and exchange thoughts and experiences. In addition, there’s also multiple side events around the city.

Redefining Normal consists of program on the main stage as well workshops and smaller round-table discussions.

On stage there will be amazing demos and fascinating keynotes on the subthemes of  General AI, Neurotech, Virtual and Alternative Reality, Space  and Extraterrestrial Intelligence,  Emotionally Intelligent Machines, Algorithmic Decision Making, Supersenses and Science & Business.

By participating in round tables and workshops, you have the possibility to dive deeper into the subthemes. Intimate Round table discussions of 15 people are hosted by the  keynote speakers, and Workshops help participants create hands on solutions to business challenges.


Redefining Industries are program tracks that concentrate specifically on an industry’s future challenges. On 22nd of May the industry track is Artificial Intelligence in Maritime industry and on the 23rd the theme will be Mobility.


Festival Stage provides memorable art and entertaining experiences. But since it’s all about redefining entertainment, the artistic experiences are not going to be just on the Festival Stage. So, keep your eyes open.


Matchmaking program is there to help you to find unexpected business opportunities and contacts you can’t find elsewhere.


There will be multiple Side Events during SHIFT week at Joki, the Innovation and visitor center located in Kupittaa, and in various other locations around the city. Some of the side events require registration, others are invitation only, some are free and some require a SHIFT badge. Side events will be listed on the webpage in March.

  SHIFT After Party is a legend, and this year the party will last for 2 nights. First night SHIFT will conquer the city, and the second night the main venue of Kakolan Lääni will turn into a party extravaganza! This is a business party you do not want to miss.


Humans tend to think emotion is the last bastion separating man and machine. We are, however, anticipating huge leaps in the development of emotionally intelligent machines. At the moment, computer can recognize emotions from speech better than a fellow human and robots replicate facial expressions accurately. Soon we might have machines emulating, and even truly feeling, human emotions. Will caring robots remove the need for humane contact? Learn what will happen to society and business when machines start to care. Emotional Intelligence track consists of:


Cognitive Neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi stars the track with her keynote: COMPUTER – HUMAN INTERACTION – HOW CAN WE COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER



Dr. Yoram Levanon from Beyond Verbal will demonstrate how emotional analytics could become a part of our everyday lives: USING VOICE & AI TO REVOLUTIONIZE EMOTIONS UNDERSTANDING, WELL-BEING & HEALTHCARE  



Katri Saarikivi will host an intimate round table discussion with 15 visitors about HUMAN – MACHINE INTERACTION.  



Anna Haverinen from Taiste is going to host a workshop: UNDERSTANDING EMOTIONS IN DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN



University of Helsinki , Cognitive Neuroscientist


Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd. , CSO


Taiste , Design Anthropologist