Here’s a list of things you may be wondering.
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How to get to the venue?

SHIFT 2019 is arranged at Ruissalo Shipyard, Hevoskarintie 23, Turku, Finland. 

More information about transportation and getting there, see Venue & Transportation -page.

What does my ticket allow me to do?

With your pass, you can attend all official SHIFT 2019 events and programs. Please check the tickets information here.

We have separate Executive & Investor track, which is only for the ticket holders of that specific track. More information here.

Are the festival passes refundable or transferable?

All types of tickets are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the event but you know someone who wants to take your place, you can transfer your ticket in Lyyti.

Contact if you have any trouble doing this.

Tickets. When, where and how do I register?

You’ll sign up for the event when you purchase your ticket. If you are part of a group, your team leader will register you. You’ll get a wristband right when you enter the venue, after which you’ll be able to leave the venue and come back as you please.

How does the venue look like?

You can get a sneak peek of the venue from Shipyard’s website or familiarise yourself with the venue by checking out the map, to get around as smoothly as possible!

Is the venue accessible in a wheelchair?

Being in a wheelchair is not going to stop you from participating in SHIFT 2019. Please contact us, and we will find a solution that is tailored to your needs:

Can I leave my luggage at the venue?

Yes, you can safely leave all your luggage including your coat at the cloakroom when you enter the venue.

Am I allowed to bring my own drinks to the venue?

Everything you need will be available at the festival, but of course, you can bring a closed water bottle – there will also be water-refill stations at the venue so you can fill up your bottle anytime. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks to the venue – there will be plenty of options to buy those on the premises.

Do I need to pay for food and drinks at the festival?

Yes and no. SHIFT, of course, provides you with free water to keep you hydrated and free coffee to keep you going. Apart from that, food and drinks can be bought at the food court or at one of our bars. Even though you can pay with card, make sure to take some cash with you. 

Please note that the stalls at the Food Court won’t accept money: festival visitors need to buy food tickets from the bars, which allow you to claim portions from the restaurants.

Pizzeria al Mare is the only place which accepts cash and cards for food, and no coupons.

Read more about food here.


Is there a dress code and what should I wear?

SHIFT 2019 is mainly an outdoor festival, and the ground might be uneven in some places. Take care of your feet by choosing flats instead of heels.

Finnish summers may have gotten hotter, but remember that the weather in Finland is unpredictable. When you choose your outfit, wear something you will be comfortable in the whole day and be prepared for hail, rain, sunshine and wind from the sea!

Who do I contact in an emergency?

In case of emergency, please go to your nearest first-aid station or speak to the staff. Staff = anyone wearing a black SHIFT shirt.

How can I tell the world about SHIFT?

Make sure you follow SHIFT on

Facebook: @theshiftfinland

Instagram: @theshiftfi

Twitter: @theshiftfi

LinkedIn: SHIFT Business Festival


The official hashtag is #theshiftfi & #onmywaytoSHIFT

Whom do I contact if I left something behind?

In that case, please send an e-mail to


Where can I find the programme timetable?

If you want to forge out your plan for the event before you arrive, have a look at the timetable. Note, that there won’t be any handout programs printed. We recommend you to download it to your phone.

Pro tip: Once you have registered on Brella, you can design your own festival timetable! The program will also be available at all times on our website and screens at the festival venue.

Do I need to register for workshops or round tables?

Yes, you will need to register for workshops and round tables in advance. All ticket-holders are informed about the registration.

Do I need to register for side-events?

If you are interested in attending any of the official SHIFT side-events, check out Side Events for more information. Registration for side-events depends on the type of event: some require registration, some are on an invite-only basis and some are open.

How can I meet relevant people?

To make it as easy as possible for you to meet relevant people, SHIFT works with the matchmaking software Brella. The application can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore. Information on the log-in code to the SHIFT 2019 space will be shared with you before the event.

Make sure to create your profile before you come to the event to get the most out of SHIFT Business Matchmaking.

When and where does the After Party take place?

The official SHIFT After Party takes place on the first day of SHIFT, the 29th of August at the festival venue, Ruissalo Shipyard. The party starts straight after the official program ends, and ends at 1 am. No need to leave the venue before the party!

How do I get in to the After Party?

For the main Afterparty on the 29th, just stay at the Shipyard after the program ends, and we’ll bring the party to you. If you join us just for the party, getting in is simple: show your wristband and in you go!

Do I need to pay for my drinks at the After Party?

Yes, you do need to pay for your own drinks. Both cash and card are accepted, but make sure to carry some cash with you, just in case.


Turku is the city of culture, where you can find the best restaurants and enjoy city life by the beautiful riverside. Everything is reachable by foot in the city centre and it’s the best way to get to know Turku. 

The riverside itself is a sight to see and comes alive in the summertime. Following the river Aura gets you all the way from Turku Cathedral to the Turku Castle. In between, you can get refreshments from one of the riverboats, have a bite in one of the restaurants and cross the river with the popular city ferry Föri

Some SHIFTers know Kakola prison as one of the SHIFT venues. The Kakola hill has now got a roastery, a brewery, a restaurant and a shop for visitors. Hop on the Funicular to see what has happened to the hill since SHIFT 2018!

More detailed information about Turku sights and activities for your visit, please check Visit Turku.

Where to eat in Turku?

There’s a lot of good options to get your stomach full in the festival venue. For the early arrivers and Turku city dwellers, check more options from Visit Turku or the beta version of Eat, which features all local restaurants on one map.

What’s the alcohol law in Finland like?

The alcohol law in Finland is rather strict, as the state has a monopoly on alcohol. That means, spirits can only be bought in designated stores called Alko, and drinking in public is forbidden. Cider and beer can additionally be bought at almost any supermarket. The legal drinking age in Finland is 18.

Where do I stay in Turku?

The festival venue is right by the sea in the archipelago and you have an opportunity to spend your whole stay in this beautiful sight by choosing our headquarters hotel Ruissalo Spa for your stay.

If the city life is calling for you, we have arranged an amazing opportunity to spend a night aboard a museum ship, s/s Bore.
You can also check or the local tourism site Visit Turku for more options. Besides hotels, you can find a range of private apartments via Airbnb

How do I get around in Turku?

The city has a good public transport system, and you can reach basically every part of the city by Föli bus. For bus routes and an overview, please check out Föli. Please check Venue & Transportation for more info!