We want to shape tech and business to be beneficial, responsible, and sustainable.

Tech alone is not enough, nor is business as usual.

The idea of SHIFT started to take form in late 2014 and has been growing steadily from zero to thousands of attendees ever since.


About SHIFT 2018


So, is this a business seminar, a tech conference or a festival?


What is SHIFT?

All of the above! SHIFT facilitates a platform that connects industry with tech. The festival features two days full of meaningful conversations, a fantastic stage program, round-table discussions and workshops. But, SHIFT is more than tech and business. Many different artists and musicians will join the event – and of course the ground-shifting After Party!

In the beginning we had this very lofty idea to create something different, to rattle the cage, to do things better, to focus on the stuff that really matters: the place of human beingS, the value of preserving our planet and the ethics of development. All of this injected with a scent of weirdness and wow.”

–Alexander, CEO


When and where does it take place?

SHIFT 2018 takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2018, at the old prison of Kakolan Lääni (Kakolankatu, Turku) in Turku, Finland.

Turku is the oldest city in Finland and boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is home to the oldest school as well as the oldest theatre. Located at the south-western coast of Finland, it is a gateway to one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.


What does the venue look like?

To familiarise yourself with the extraordinary venue, please check out the map.


Travel & Transportation


Can you point me and my luggage in the right direction?


How do I get to Turku?

You might be on your way to prison, but at least you’ll have a smooth journey.

Turku is a transportation hub hosting both an airport and a harbour, and you can also reach the city by train, bus or car. If you fly into Helsinki Airport, you can catch the bus or the train to Turku, and from Stockholm you can hop on the ferry.

Here are some websites to help you plan your journey:

By air: Finavia

By train: VR

By bus: Matkahuolto or OnniBus

By ferry: Viking Line or Silja Line


Where do I stay in Turku?

You don’t want to spend the night in a cell? No problem at all! Turku has a number of nice hotels, motels and bed & breakfast where you will get a good night’s sleep.

To get the full picture, you can visit Booking.com or the local tourism site Visit Turku, but don’t forget to also check out Cumulus City & Resort and Sokos Hotels. Next to hotels, you can also find a range of private apartments via Airbnb.


Where can I have dinner in Turku?

Whether you arrive in Turku early, want to take a new partner for a nice dinner or get some food in your stomach before you join the After Party – there are many nice places to eat in Turku. You can visit the local tourism site Visit Turku or check out the beta version of Eat.fi which features all local restaurants on one map.

Apart from that, life in Turku mainly happens around the river Aurajoki. There are a number of nice restaurants in this area and if you are looking for something truly special, how about dinner on one of the restaurant boats?


How do I get around in Turku?

Getting around in Turku is as smooth as getting to Turku. The city has a good public transport system, and you can reach every part of the city by bus. For bus routes and an overview on the transportation system, please check out Föli.

During the day, there will be designated busses going from the city centre to Kakolan Lääni. More detailed information will be available soon.

The newest addition to the transport network are the Föli Bikes. They are distributed over the whole city with 300 bikes and 37 stations and are easy to use.


Can I leave my luggage at the venue?

Yes, you can. The prisoners are long gone, so you can safely leave all your luggage including your coat at the cloak room when you enter the venue.


Venue & Dress Code


If this is held in a prison, what do I wear?


What is the dress code?

Orange might be the new black, but flats are also the new heels. The programme takes place outside as well as inside and the ground might be uneven at times. And don’t be fooled! The finnish weather really is unpredictable. Be prepared for hail, rain and sunshine and leave your high-heels at home, they will thank you later!


What is the venue like?

The notorious prison of Kakolan Lääni used to be the home of the best-known criminals in finnish history. Abandoned about 10 years ago but left intact, it is now entering a new era as a place of history, music, art and business. It is easy to navigate around all accessible areas, but the venue can be hilly and uneven at points.


Is the venue accessible in a wheelchair?

Being in a wheelchair is not going to stop you from participating in SHIFT 2018. Please contact us, and we will find a solution that is tailored to your needs.


Who do I contact in an emergency?

In case of emergency, please go to your nearest first-aid station or speak to the staff.




Where do I sign-up for this?


When, where and how do I register?

You’ll get your inmate number in form of a wrist band right when you enter the venue. Yes, that’s right – at SHIFT 2018 there will be no badges, but wristbands to support our claim for sustainability!

INSIDER TIP: If you’re in Turku early, come join the Opening Party on the 21st of May for insider tips and early registration!


Do I need to register for workshops or round tables?

No, you do not need to register for any part of the programme in advance. All events are on a first-come first-serve basis, so do make sure to be on time to secure your spot. We highly recommend being there about half an hour early.


Do I need to register for side-events?

Registration for side-events depends on the type of event. Some side-events require registration, some are on invite-only basis and some are open. For more detailed information, please look at the Side Events.


Programme & Matchmaking


There’s so many amazing things to do, how do I manage my time?


Where can I find the programme timetable?

If you want to forge out your plan for the event before you arrive, have a look at the timetable.

As there will only be a limited amount of hand programs available, sustainability and all, you are highly encouraged to print the timetable in advance and bring it with you to the event.


How can I meet relevant people?

A match made in prison! To make it as easy as possible for you to meet relevant people, SHIFT works with the matchmaking software “brella”. The application can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore. Information on the log-in code to the SHIFT 2018 space will be shared with you via Email.

Make sure to create your profile before you come to the event to get the most out of SHIFT Business Matchmaking.


Festival Passes

What does my ticket allow me to do?


Are the festival passes refundable?

All types of tickets are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the event but you know someone who wants to take your place, you have the possibility to transfer your ticket.


Are the festival passes transferable?

Yes. In case you are unable to attend the event, you can give the ticket to a second party.


One-Day Pass

With your One-Day-Pass, you are a full festival visitor for the day of your pass meaning that you can attend all official SHIFT 2018 events and programme parts that take place on that day and use the Matchmaking software. Moreover, you can attend the opening party on the 21st, the Afterparty on the 22nd and the main Afterparty on the 23rd, as well as all side-events you see fit.


Two-Day Pass

With your Two-Day-Pass, you can attend all official SHIFT 2018 events and use the Matchmaking software on both days. Moreover, you can attend the opening party on the 21st, the Afterparty on the 22nd and the main Afterparty on the 23rd, as well as all side-events you see fit.


Student Pass

With your Student Pass you have a full Two-Day Pass that allows you to attend all official SHIFT 2018 events on both days, including the opening party on the 21st, the Afterparty on the 22nd and the main Afterparty on the 23rd, as well as all side-events you see fit.


Get one!




What about food?


Is there going to be food at the event?

Of course! The prison yard will be turned into a food court with a wide range of different types of food to choose from – something for every taste!


Am I allowed to bring my own drinks?

Everything you need will be available at the festival, but of course you can bring a closed bottle – there will also be water-refill stations at the venue so you can fill up your bottle anytime. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks inside the venue – there will be plenty options to buy those on the premises.


Do I need to pay for food & drinks?

Yes and no. SHIFT of course provides you with free water to keep you hydrated. Apart from that, food and drinks can be bought at the food court or at one of our many bars. Even though you can pay with card, make sure to take some cash with you. After all, those prison walls are thick!




I don’t want to go home yet!


When and where do the After parties take place?

The main Afterparty takes place on the second day of SHIFT, the 23rd of May at the main venue, Kakolan Lääni (Kakolankatu, Turku). The doors open at 7pm and make sure to be there early. The prison might have been designed for the worst criminals, but it can only handle a limited amount of SHIFT attendees.

But, that doesn’t mean the first day will go without some grooves! On the 22nd of May we will stir up the Vähätori area, in the heart of old Turku. Kick-off is 7pm at Tårget and Tiirikkala.


How do I get in?

For the main Afterparty on the 23rd, be there as early as possible to avoid queing and to make sure you can join the fun. Otherwise, getting in is simple: Just show your wristband and in you go!


Do I need to pay for my drinks?

Yes, you do need to pay for your own drinks. Again, both cash and card are accepted, but make sure to carry some cash with you, just in case.


What’s the alcohol law in Finland like?

The alcohol law in Finland is rather strict, as the state has the monopoly on alcohol. That means, spirits can only be bought in designated stores, the so-called Alko, and drinking in public is forbidden. Cider and beer can additionally be bought at almost any supermarket. The legal drinking age in Finland is 18.


How do I get back to my hotel at night?

To get back to your hotel, you can either call yourself a prison van aka Taxi (+358 2 10041) or walk back to the city centre, which only takes around 10-15 min.


SHIFT Social


How can I tell the world about SHIFT?


On which channels can I follow the event?

Make sure you follow SHIFT on

Facebook: @theshiftfinland

Instagram: @theshiftfi

Twitter: @theshiftfi

LinkedIn: SHIFT Business Festival


Which hashtag can I use to connect with the event?

The official hashtag is #theshiftfi


And after the event?


Where can I leave my feedback?

To leave your feedback, please use one of the Feedbackly feedback stations at the venue. In case you forgot to give your feedback but have something urgent on your mind, feel free to send us an email.


Whom do I contact if I left something behind?

In that case, please send us an email.