The current overuse of our planet’s resources requires a global and national interest and innovations in sustainable development and business solutions. Bioeconomy provides a basis for a society that is no longer dependent on fossil raw materials for energy and consumer goods production.

At SHIFT Expert Webinar with revolutionary technology provider CH-Bioforce and Turku Science Park, you will get a glimpse of innovation and business activities going on in the bioeconomy sector.

Bioeconomy for Climate Change Mitigation
SHIFT Business Webstival Expert Webinar Series
Tuesday 8 December 2020, starting at 12:00

On Stage
Lari Vähäsalo, R&D Director, CH-Bioforce
Linda Fröberg-Niemi, Head of the Clean Turku cluster in Turku Science Park

Hosted by
Lesley Jääskeläinen

Bioeconomy is an economy that targets growth by fostering and enabling sustainable use of renewable sources. Its major drivers are to decrease oil dependency, increase circularity, and mitigation of climate change. With a comprehensive product design thinking that goes throughout the value chain from raw materials to product producer, bioeconomy enables resource-wise use of raw materials with a closed-loop circulation. 

Turku region has forerunner companies offering novel solutions to bio- and circular economies, boosted by Turku Science Park’s spearhead cluster Clean Turku.

One of these companies is CH-Bioforce Ltd, situated in Smart Chemistry Park. CH-Bioforce is a startup company whose chemistry innovation provides renewable raw materials for sustainable living. Their technology can utilize almost any kind of biomass as feedstock: not only wood but also non-wood such as straw or bagasse. They provide a new feedstock option to multiple industries, for example for chemical, textiles, and packaging applications.



D.Sc., Business Development Manager, Chemical Industry and Cleantech, Turku Science Park

Lari Vähäsalo

R&D director, CH-Bioforce

Lesley Jääskeläinen

Facilitator, SHIFT Expert Webinars & Solution Stage