SHIFT is not a conference, it’s a unique experience!

SHIFT is a fine-tuned balance of music festival vibes, cutting-edge knowledge and business opportunities. The Art & Experiences program has been designed to create a unique and holistic festival experience with experimental decorations, thought-provoking art installations, surprise performances, music and other entertainment.

SHIFT is not a place to visit, it’s a place to feel, explore and experience.

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Musician, Artist

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DJ, Artist

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Fat Daddy

DJ, Artist

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Viivi Halinen

DJ, Artist

Sunborn Business Sup

Stand Up Paddle surfing

Ever tried to make business connections while Stand Up Paddle surfing? In SHIFT 2019, you now have the opportunity between the sessions and chats to do experiential exercise and new business deals on Sunborn Business SUP! All you need is adventurous attitude and a good pitch.

Get in the sea with your friends or go alone to meet new friends. This is also a perfect opportunity to get a look over the Shipyard and beautiful Finnish nature from this viewpoint while talking business.

No need for registration – all you need to do is to walk past Sofoku’s sauna boats, check if there is a vacant board and paddle away!


Exhibition by Emilia Pykäri and Ninni Rönkkö

This is Emilia and Ninni’s third shared exhibition. All works are made this year and they have a similar theme that consists of plants and flowers. The pieces reflect their creators. In Emilia’s art the flowers are present in the character’s  clothing, their sensitivity and girl power attitude. Ninni’s botanical paintings are being examined from near and far. You can sense the space and playful forms in the pieces.


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Emilia Pykäri 


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Ninni Rönkkö


Saara Alhopuro

Visual Art and Photography by Saara Alhopuro

Dive into a fairytale, where Finnish forests and mushrooms whisper old stories, myths and folktales. Saara Alhopuro is a Turku-born artist and photographer, whose studio is the forest here in Ruissalo. She uses wild mushrooms and other foraged materials to create colorful installations, which she leaves in the forest for random passers-by to discover.

The original pieces whither, but before they do, Alhopuro gives them a new life through photography. In social media her work has reached the eyes of over one million people, and it has been featured in 20 languages in media around the world.

Diminishing Returns

Mixed Media Installation by Balance & Mild

“Wall, Camera, Projector, Light, Pendulum. Pendulums shadow sweeps across the wall over a sensor. Sensor triggers a light on the wall. Shadow moves, light changes. Camera is filming the light, image of the light itself is posted on top of itself. Image images itself, again and again and again. Memory of the memory of the image lingers on the wall and diminishes towards infinity. Pendulum slows down. Sensor picks up slowing movement. Motor turns on and restarts the pendulum. Memory of the image repeats itself on the wall again and again always with a different variation of its self”

Diminishing Returns is an autonomous installation/study about memory of a movement and light, it does not fit perfectly into any regular cathegory of usual video or installation works. Same time it is present as analog and fysical manifestation and same time it is located in “world of images” as a video work. Diminishing Returns is not a recording. Everything happens now, there and then when being spactated. Surroundings, space, observer itself can affect the result by stepping between the camera and the wall and for a short while be part of the work, until memory of the image vanishes of the wall.

Building of work is supported by Hide-a-lite.


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The Birth Of God


Jaakko Lavapuro (born 1991) is a mixed media and installation artist from Noormarkku, Pori. For Shift Business Festival he has created a piece consisting of 25 large paintings called ‘The Birth of God’. Based on this piece he has also created a video installation which will be shown at the Shift After Party.

During the event the artist can be spotted in the festival area painting portraits of festival-goers.


This place, under the purple sky


This place, under the purple sky, is a work realized for Shift Business Festival 2019, by artist Lilli Haapala. The work deals with the implications of technology in the development and change of human relationship to nature. Man-made technology makes possible to control and shape natural beings. What does that mean in the future? What kind of connection will humans have to the natural environment and it’s species? What kind is the ideal environment for the future: Is it genuine or artificial? Is it Garden, or made by chance? Will technology be misused? 

The work is part of the artist’s larger project, Searching for Utopia (2017–), in which she explores the concept of utopia through visual and spatial means.


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Lilli Haapala

Artist, This place under the purple sky

Marjut Riihimäki

Alcohol Ink Paintings by Marjut Riihimäki

Marjut Riihimäki is a self-taught artist and designer with a focus on abstract art. Marjut has been working with unconventional painting techniques such as alcohol inks since 2018 with passion and dedication. As an artist she really enjoys trusting her intuition during the creative process while creating art. The artist says there’s no such thing as a pre-designed ink pour: With each new pour the level of surprise is key and that’s what keeps her motivated. 

For Shift Business Festival 2019 Marjut has created three large alcohol ink paintings.

Äni Jaatinen

Alcohol Ink Artwork with Arla Suomi by Äni Jaatinen

Äni is very positive Finnish visual artist with a wide range of visual interpretative skills. She is best known for her autobiographical comic and art exhibition My Rosy Road as well as her live illustration art on various occasions. Äni has created art for many people and businesses over her 5-year artist career, including multinational companies such as Microsoft.

During SHIFT she is composing a modern-classic artwork with Arla Suomi. Using a very intuitive and beautiful technique of alcohol inks.


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“Why is virtual reality still not a standard in your company’s training and marketing? Come see what virtual reality can do for you and how CTRL Reality makes virtual reality a 1-day project”


Virtual Reality Arcade

Cybernet is a Virtual Reality Arcade located in the city center of Turku, on the third floor of Wiklund. Their location houses ten Gaming Stations and a meeting room, and their selection of games include nearly 50 different games and VR experiences from which everyone can find something they like. Multiplayer games are also available, so you can play alone or with a friend. They can also organize events ranging from your children’s birthdays all the way to corporate events.


Play me

‘Play me’ pianos

Finland’s first ‘Play me’ – piano project was launched in The Night of the Arts Festival 2019 in Turku. It was meant for everyone contributing to the festival as well as the whole crowd.

Orange pianos were brought to the Turku city centre and by the Aura River, and everyone was invited to play them. Now the piano project can be seen here at SHIFT 2019 in Ruissalo Shipyard.

Flowers of Life

UV Light Art by Flowers of Life

Flowers of Life is a Finnish company specialized in UV light art whose three-dimensional visual elements have delighted audiences at numerous music and art events. Founded in 2005, the collective has visited 24 countries all around the world, including FILUX Mexico 2018 / 2019. Within Finland the collective is known especially for its contribution to the MetsäFestival 2010-2014, Flowers of Life Arena 2018 – Pop up venue in Helsinki and LUX light festival in Helsinki 2017.

Flowers of Life art is a way to bring the magical and abstract world visible for people to see and enjoy. The geometry behind almost all the works are inspired by a shape called “Flower of Life”. It is a basis for sacred geometry.

The shapes used are either pure geometry or geometry combined with natural elements such as fire, water and plant kingdom. These are used to create three dimensional shapes. The shapes then glow in the dark to give an inspired feeling of “wow!”