Art & Experiences

SHIFT is all about creating new connections in a relaxed atmosphere. The Art & Experiences program has been designed to create a unique and holistic festival experience with experimental decorations, thought-provoking art installations, surprise performances, music and other entertainment.

The abandoned prison venue serves as a fascinating canvas for art and entertainment – playing both with the genuine prison experience, and interesting contrasts with art & its surroundings.


Banana Box Tank art-installation
Lilli Haapala interactive-art
Reformance Tech interactive-art
Other Side Of The Wall art-installation
Art Wall art-installation
moovel Group GmbH interactive-art


Singa experience
SHIFT Movie Theater experience
House of Khronos experience
SHIFT Letters at Riverside art-installation
Capstone Interactive Art
Cybernet experience
Chip Party experience
Cruzr Service Robot experience


X-Rust music
DJ X-Paroni music
Windows95man music
DJ Aukusti music
DJ Matias Lukander music
DJ Kulmisjärvi music
DJ Esko Routamaa music
GIF-Jukebox music
The Hearing music
Normal Life music
Ilkka Arola Band music
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra music

Find the Art & Experiences timetable here.