23.5.2018 | 19:00-02:00


Welcome to the SHIFT After Party; the sole reason and cause of the mini-earthquake that Turku is going to experience on 23.5.2018. Enjoy a night full of music, art and inspiring experiences while meeting great people. Come stomp the (prison) yard with us and complete your SHIFT with a celebration!


NOTE: There will be security checks performed at the entrance(s). Every time you enter the event premises, you will be screened!


X-Rust music
DJ Aukusti music
DJ Matias Lukander music
DJ Kulmisjärvi music
DJ Esko Routamaa music
GIF-Jukebox music
Normal Life music
Ilkka Arola Band music
Turku Philharmonic Orchestra music

Experience Providers

Singa experience
Cybernet experience
Chip Party experience

Find the Art & Experiences timetable here.