SHIFT After Party
Thursday 29 August, Ruissalo Shipyard

The official SHIFT After Party starts right after the main program on the first festival day at Ruissalo Shipyard. The party is a smooth continuum for the main event: networking and chilling in a relaxed atmosphere, cold drinks, good food and music mixed with the mystic Finnish night by the sea.

In the After Party, you can kick back with a beer and continue the networking that buzzed earlier in the main event. If you didn’t have the time during the day, take the opportunity to visit Sofokus’ sauna boats in the evening! Like the saying goes what happens in sauna, stays in sauna – except for the good new connection you just made.



18:00-01:00 SHIFT Official After Party

The first hours will be the perfect time to meet the exhibitors at their booths before Estlander partner area closes at 20:00. Food, drinks, good times and surprises will be served the whole night. 

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Esko Routamaa

DJ, Artist

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DJ, Artist

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Yakuzi Pato

Instrumental Orchestra, Band

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Musicians, Band

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DJ, X-Rust

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John Major

DJ, X-Rust


Performance by Unia, Performing Arts

Unia is a Tampere based flow arts group that brings performance to a new level with edgy and mesmerizing light show. They started as one of Finland’s first performing LED hula hoop groups and have since grown to combine different props and styles from flow arts.

In this piece “Human Simulation”; they are machines searching for the essence of what makes one ‘human’. The goal is to explore what separates and unites humanity and AI. Their electric circles are the source of power and freedom through expression, movement and light. 

Over the past years Unia has performed in several various types of events including electronic music events and festivals, themed events for example Karmiva Karnevaali (Särkänniemi 2017-) and “Hulahula Suomi” dance video production produced by YLE. Most recently they opened Loiste Ylöjärvi- light art festival. In addition to performing teaching hoop dance has taken them around Finland.


The Birth of God


Jaakko Lavapuro (born 1991) is a mixed media and installation artist from Noormarkku, Pori.  For SHIFT 2019 he has created a piece consisting of 25 large paintings and based on this piece he has also created a video installation which will be shown at the Shift After Party.