Planning your accommodation for this year’s SHIFT experience? You are at the right place!
Turku is a lively city with many options for accommodation, but here are our special selections for you:

Headquarter hotel Ruissalo Spa


ruissalo spa abd hotel 2-bed room


Ruissalo Spa is the natural choice. Stay in an archipelago but close to the beat of Turku!

Fulfill your SHIFT experience and book a room from Ruissalo Spa. Get the full-on Turku experience by staying in a hotel surrounded by a nature reserve, yet close to all the services and cultural offerings of the city. Only 15 minutes away from the city center, the Spa can easily be reached by car, local bus, bike or even a boat.

The hotel is known for its premium quality spa and rehabilitation services and, of course, the beautiful location. On the Ruissalo island, SHIFT guests can relax amidst breathtaking sea views, unique oak groves and charming wooden villas.

Nature paths crisscross the whole island passing through beaches, forests, and meadows. While exploring the beautiful and pure nature of this natural park, one can have a cozy break in one of the picturesque cafés. Try the traditional delicacies such as pea soup and cinnamon rolls!

Ruissalo Spa’s saunas, pools and pampering treatments for the whole body guarantee a relaxing stay. The Spa has its own secluded beach with direct access to the pool and a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities from yoga to golf. The Spa’s restaurant and café with a spacious sun terrace are open daily, offering rich buffets, à la carte delicacies, and handmade bakery products.


Ruissalo Spa’s accommodation info:

Room prices:
Comfort 128€ /2pers. and 118€ /1pers.
Superior 148€ /2pers. and 128€ /1pers.

You can book the accommodation with the code SHIFT or via phone 02-4455100 or by contacting



Hostel S/S Bore


s/s bore hostel


For the startups, we have arranged an amazing opportunity to spend a night aboard a museum ship! In the spirit of SHIFT 2019 maritime theme, you can book a room from a ship full of charm and nostalgia.

The hostel is placed on the Aura river, close to Forum Marinum, at a walking distance from the harbour. It’s easy to reach by bus and there’s free parking for those coming with their own car(s). Parking permits can be obtained from the hostel reception which is open 24-hours a day.


Hostel s/s Bore accommodation info:

1 berth cabin – 61€ /night
2 berth cabin – 87,50€ /night
3 berth cabin – 111€ /night
4 berth cabin – 137,50€ /night

Prices include bed linen in self-made bed, a towel, breakfast as well as a morning sauna.

For reservations, please contact Björn Widenius,, +358 40 176 1800.