When a few people first came up with the idea of SHIFT, no one took them seriously. “The location is all wrong! This could maybe work in Helsinki”, the critics said. “Oh come on, how can you even imagine people from different industries would want to come to a joint event? No. No. No. People from health have their own conferences, and people from energy have theirs.” the crows mongered: “AND – are you seriously incorporating arts and culture with business? You are plain mad!”

The few with a dream were determined. They did not pay attention to the crows, and one by one their ranks started to grow. Now a handful, the courageous ones started to evangelize other individuals, companies, and organizations with a vision and determination to look challenges in the eye.

Today – SHIFT has been organized twice by an amazing team of volunteers, and the growth numbers are stunning: in its first year in 2016 SHIFT attracted already ovar 1000 participants, and the second one reached over 2300 visitors.

Next year the team aims for even higher numbers, in visitor count and in impact. Keep posted on the program and other releases by subscribing to SHIFT News!



SHIFT team is growing slowly but steadily. Here is some of the team who can answer any question you might have!


Alexander Törnroth


+358 40 1877 353


Sini Toivonen


+358 40 6792 626

Veli-Pekka Virtanen


+358 40 8678 288

Program and design

Heidi Vainio-Pekka


+358 44 2316 337

Communications & Marketing

Mari Männistö


+358 45 8684 808

SHIFT in numbers

SHIFT has grown into a substantial business event in record time. The numbers released on 13.9.2017 tell a story of over 130% growth in turnover, as well as in participant count. Only on the second time SHIFT was arranged 31.5.-1.6.2017, it was able to bring together 2300 business people to Turku Castle and Kakola former prison. The growth is unprecedented in Finland, and the growth has been noticed also amongst other notable business events, such as Slush and Nordic Business Forum.


FACT SHEET – SHIFT Business Festival

SHIFT 2016 SHIFT 2017 SHIFT 2018 (progn.)
Participants 1000 2300 4000
Partners 80 84 80
Growth Companies 200 750 1400
Investors 50 97 150
Volunteers 100 207 250
Is this a day event?

Yes. The event schedule starts at 10am and finishes at 17pm on both event days. On top of daytime program we have networking parties on both event nights.

How to get to SHIFT?

Reaching Turku

Turku is a transportation hub hosting both an airport and a harbour. You can also reach the city by a train, a bus or a car.

By Air

You may reach Turku by air. Please visit the below web site for more information.



You can reach Turku by a train from Helsinki or Tampere. Please consult the below website for timetables and tickets.



There are ferry connections to Turku from Stockholm. Please consult the website below for timetables and tickets.



Please consult the below websites for timetables and tickets.


Arriving to the Venue

By bike

Get some fresh air and cycle along the riverside. Bicycle parking is available at the junction of Linnankatu and Satamakatu, at the opposite side of the castle.

By bus

SHIFT and Föli, the Turku region public transport, are offering the visitors free bus rides on Wednesday 31st May.The bus-line 1 drives from the airport to the market square and all the way to the castle where SHIFT takes place. The bus stops are right next to the entrance. Please consult the below website for timetables.


By car

The venue has very limited car parking so we wish you would not arrive by car. You can find the Turku region electric charging stations on the website below.

About Turku

Turku is the oldest city in Finland and boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is home to the oldest school as well as the oldest theatre in Finland.The SHIFT is continuing this tradition of trailblazing by gathering some of the sharpest minds in the world to actively shape our global future heritage. Located at the south-western coast of Finland it is a gateway to one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.

The event venue is the Turku Castle dating back to the 13th century. At this truly unique venue you can hear the wings of history, while making history as part of the SHIFT.