Tiina Mäkinen

Business Manager, Recruitment Programs

Tiina Mäkinen (MSc. Econ.) has over 10 year experience as a recruitment and training professional especially in the field of ICT, digital business and customer service. Tiina has been a committed employee and the member of management board of Saranen Consulting and has had the unique possibility to see the growth and change of recruitment business during the past 10 years. Tiina has been planning and carried out several recruitment training programs at Saranen Consulting. Through recruitment programs Saranen Consulting trains and recruits employees for businesses in need of the latest talent.

Tiina has also a great understanding of career coaching and outplacement services, where she has coached and supported employees in finding new career paths in downsizing situations. During her career Tiina has noticed that the competences of candidates are not the only recruitment criteria for employers. Nowadays employers pay much more attention to the person and value/mindset fit of candidates. At the moment Tiina is taking care of the people and culture at Saranen Consulting and highlights that value and culture fit of new colleagues are the most important recruitment criteria in her own work community as well.

What are the crucial criteria when recruiting new talents?

#keynote @Lord's cellar 31.05. 15:00 – 15:45

It´s the well-known fact nowadays that the competition of best talents are getting harder and harder in many fields. But who´s the best talent for us? Are the best combination of suitable skills and competencies of the candidates the most valid recruitment criteria for employers? Or should we pay much more attention to the personality and value fit of candidates? Let´s have an inspiring roundtable around the topic of recruitment criteria of the best talents to our organization.