​Sami Mikkola and Martta Tervonen

Creative Laboratory

Sami Mikkola and Martta Tervonen are the two founders of a movement, ideology, and company called Creative Laboratory. Authors of two best-selling books about creativity, following one’s dreams and finding your true calling. Messengers of you-can-do-anything-you-like attitude and love in business world. They are said to be unfit for this world but they will not rest until the world is filled with colors, emotions and playfulness.

Making love in business

#roundtable @Park 01.06. 14:15 – 15:00

In the midst of all the hustling, raising money, making new connections and thrusting your business forward, sometimes you would only need a pinch more of soft values with you to change everything - from performing your work to living your passion. This roundtable is all about love and other wholehearted values and how to bring them in to your business.