​Jussi Galla and Ville Häll

Game changer for effective team development

#ROUNDTABLE @LORD'S CELLAR 31.05. 11:00 – 11:45

Play a card game that is a tool to develop your team and have common understanding and meaningful dialogue. Team development is a long process but with just 30 minutes you can achieve results.


Jussi Galla and Ville Häll founded gälliwashere ltd in 2014 to find an answer for the question ”how would (worlds largest) consultant company without consultants work?” - answer is still unclear but guessing and exploring continues constantly.

We think that problem worth solving is ”lack of time for dialogue in the busy work life of knowledge worker teams”. Topaasia® - games give time, space and permission to create meaningful dialogue, common understanding and prioritizing in a efficient way. During the roundtable you will experience a way to generate facilitated meaningful dialogue without facilitating - it is not rocket science.

gälliwashere ltd's customers work mainly in software industry.