Alan Laubsch And Lina Constantinovici


#Roundtable @Lord's Cellar 13:00 – 13:45

We face global problems that transcend borders. Nation based governance systems are no longer up to the task. What’s required to make an evolutionary leap? What lessons does nature hold? Hear how one person launched a billion dollar global award system for solar energy (SolarCoin) from his kitchen with $2000. How might we learn from this experience to design more currencies to address world problems? How can we distill a complex problem into a language of shared values that moves us in the right direction? What is the network dimension of value, and what is the future of currency?

Join us for an interactive workshop, inspired by biomimicry and blockchain technology.

Alan Laubsch

Alan is a passionate risk and ecosystems researcher, and a founder of the Natural Capital Alliance (NCA). Alan currently runs the Natural Capital Markets group at Lykke, which provides instant liquidity for Natural Capital Coins without transaction fees. Alan started his career as a researcher in JPMorgan’s corporate risk management group in New York, after receiving a degree in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University in 1993. He is one of 25 founding members of the RiskMetrics Group (now part of MSCI), where he authored Risk Management: A Practical Guide (1999). Alan became fascinated by systemic risk early warning signals with the onset of the US Subprime crisis in 2007, eventually developing a next generation framework for Integrated Risk Management. Alan is inspired by evolutionary ecosystems, and his most recent publication is Adaptive Risk Management: Powered by Network Science. Alan’s mission is to catalyze a global risk culture to protect the systems that sustain us.

Lina Constantinovici

Lina Constantinovici, MBA is the Founder of Innovation 4.4, focused on accelerating commercialization of technologies needed to implement the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by aligning with 4.4 billion years of our planetary systems. Over the past 12 years, Lina has worked with early-stage ventures as a startup advisor, a mentor for accelerators like Cleantech Open, and Advisory Board member for SXSW Eco’s Startup Central. Lina Co-Chairs the Nexus Working Group on Impact Investing. She is a frequent speaker and university lecturer on entrepreneurship, impact investing, sustainability, biomimetic innovation, the future of philanthropy, the evolution of global financial systems, and applied economics. In 2016, Lina led the development of the partnership between Innovation 4.4 and the New Organ Alliance to connect the tissue engineering research community and the Silicon Valley investment and startup ecosystems. Lina lead the investment and entrepreneurship tracks at the launch of the NASA Centennial Challenge on Vascular Tissue at NASA Ames.