Jussi Westergren

Co-Founder of Virunga Alliance

Jussi Westergren, has lived and worked on three different continents as a scientist, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist and developed a broad and deep network in the global industrial, financial and scientific research communities. Jussi and his wife Sally live with their two children in Vancouver, Canada.

A mathematician who began his academic career at McGill University, Montreal before moving to the University of Helsinki and more recently the University of Oxford, Jussi’s enduring scientific interests lie in the fields of theory and simulation of complex socio economic, biological, chemical and physical systems.

Jussi also has considerable experience in investing in science and technology and developing successful early stage technology companies. Jussi founded or was an early investor in companies like Lateral Logic, G-Cluster, Deep Mind, Academia.edu and Benemilk to mention a few. Jussi is also involved with Intellectual Ventures, a company focused on buying, building and developing inventions.

Jussi was a founding director of Virunga Alliance and a number of other wildlife conservation and arts projects. He is also a passionate supporter of the work of institutes in Africa that are searching for human origins and educating the next generation of mathematicians. Jussi and Sally support and actively work with a range of health and education charities and art programs in their community.