Alan Laubsch

Natural Capital Market

Alan is a passionate risk and ecosystems researcher, and a founder of the Natural Capital Alliance (NCA). Alan currently runs the Natural Capital Markets group at Lykke, which provides instant liquidity for Natural Capital Coins without transaction fees. Alan started his career as a researcher in JPMorgan’s corporate risk management group in New York, after receiving a degree in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University in 1993. He is one of 25 founding members of the RiskMetrics Group (now part of MSCI), where he authored Risk Management: A Practical Guide (1999). Alan became fascinated by systemic risk early warning signals with the onset of the US Subprime crisis in 2007, eventually developing a next generation framework for Integrated Risk Management. Alan is inspired by evolutionary ecosystems, and his most recent publication is Adaptive Risk Management: Powered by Network Science. Alan’s mission is to catalyze a global risk culture to protect the systems that sustain us.

The future of sustainability, natural capital, and Blockchain
#KEYNOTE @MAIN TENT 31.05. 15:45 – 16:30

We are at the cusp of a revolution, powered by exponential technologies. And yet we face a global threat: an escalating climate crisis. What are the most effective actions we can take to mitigate climate risk? How do we avoid a tragedy of the commons and incentivize the right action? Could blockchain technology hold the key to a sustainable world of abundance?

At the heart of the escalating global ecological crisis is our failure to price natural capital, which are the systems that support life on earth. This is a solvable problem if we act decisively before irreversible tipping points are crossed. We introduce BlueLife Alliance, a global network of sustainability leaders powered by exponential technology. We show how Starboard became Climate Positive by bundling a mangrove tree with every surfboard. We’ve now listed these TREEs as a global currency with 24/7 liquidity on Lykke Exchange, empowering anyone to be Climate Positive with the touch of a button. And we’re just getting started. A growing community will catalyze a rise in natural capital currencies, and enabling the people to effectively support global sustainability heroes.