Salla Lehtipuu

Visual Vision - Why and How to Visualize your Strategy

#WORKSHOP @Workshop room 31.05. 15:30 – 17:00

A hands-on workshop about why and how to visualize your strategy. Learn about visual thinking and what to take into consideration when visualizing your strategy. Practice easy drawing techniques and discover other tools to make your vision visible.

Salla Lehtipuu

Salla is a visual facilitator and an entrepreneur. She works as a visual facilitator for example in strategy processes and doing live visual recording and sketchnoting in seminars and events. She has worked with companies and events like Bank of Finland, Slush, Update forum, Posti, Salesforce, Maa- ja metsätalousministeriö etc.

Salla is fascinated by different ways of learning and interested in facilitating learning with the help of arts. Her aim is to bring more visual tools to people to enable better learning and understanding. She also gives workshops and speeches about how to apply doodling and visual thinking to your daily life and work. Her background comes from studies of business and entrepreneurship and arts. Visual facilitation benefits from the knowledge of both fields. Visual facilitation is a combination of texts, colors, doodles and shapes to enable better learning and common understanding in bigger groups.