For Professional Pass holders we have Brella at your disposal, for searching business matches from other SHIFT visitors. Brella is your matchmaking tool. Ticket holders will get a dedicated link to Brella to start exploring other SHIFT visitors and book private one-to-one meetings. This is nothing new. You have done it before at various events.

The matchmaking software Brella is one of your Benefits, when you get the Professional Pass to SHIFT 2017.

What brella has to offer?

+ Networking at events has never been this easy

+ Automated invitations for attendees and sponsors

+ Matchmaking based on business needs

+ Dedicated time and place for face-to-face meetings

What makes the SHIFT Matchmaking better?

+ Medieval venue - Turku Castle

+ Surprising and activating meeting spots

+ Participants across different industries

+ Connection to like-minded people

In a nutshell:

With Brella you can set up a profile, browse others’ profiles and suggest one-on-one meetings at the medieval castle of Turku!

Explore extreme networking!

SHIFT Matchmaking with Brella made possible by Y2 project and Turku Science Park startup community SparkUp.