Tapio Salmi

Moderator / Professor / Dean of Science and Engineering, Åbo Akademi University

Tapio Salmi is Professor in Chemical Reaction Engineering and the Dean for the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Åbo Akademi University.

Tapio has an extensive research background in chemical kinetics, catalysis and chemical reactors. The research areas form a logical path from reaction mechanism to reactor design, from laboratory synthesis to full-scale production. The research represents true green chemistry and green process technology - from molecular understanding to design of chemical reactors. A big part of the research concerns the transformation of biomass to chemicals and fuel components.

Tapio has produced over 500 original scientific publications, three textbooks and numerous popular articles in Swedish and Finnish about science, science policy, science history and societal issues. He participates actively in scientific and societal policy debate, defending the independence of science and the status of students.