Startup Refugees

Entrepreneurship Society

Startup Refugees is a rapidly mushroomed network consisting of more than 500 parties, including large companies, smaller companies and startups, government officials, research institutes, NGOs and individuals. Startup Refugees supports the employment and entrepreneurship of asylum seekers and refugees. Startup Refugees welcomes Shift visitors to taste Sham's Falafel's snacks which create employment for three asylum seekers in Turku.


Everybody deserves a Fair Start. We warmly welcome you to learn more about our unique design brand started by refugees. See our skilled silver smiths in action and get yourself a custom-made Not Just A Number - bracelet or necklace with your significant number, hand-carved on site.

Fair Start is a design brand founded in September 2016 by Asylum Seekers in Finland. We offer a growing variety of design and handicraft products, made by refugee artists and artisans in reception centres and camps. All products are unique, as are their makers, and symbolize the new beginnings, untold stories and hopeful journeys that the refugees experience on their way to their unknown destinations.