Niclas Kangas


WHO - Niclas Kangas, 28, is an artist and a 2016 Fine Arts graduate from the Novia University of Applied Sciences. He has been doing art since 2012.

WHAT - Metalwork, sculpting, welding and casting are Kangas’ favourite ways to work on art. He usually takes two-three projects per year, as metalwork projects take a lot of time, space and money. His past exhibitions include works like an anatomically correct skeleton for his final school project and a skeleton with a TV for a head for an exhibition in Vaasa. The latter will also be seen at the SHIFT Business Festival in 2017. His latest piece of work, the Steampunk Bar will also be displayed at the SHIFT 2017, in Kakola. These pieces are up for sale!

HOW - Kangas says he learns by doing and has lots of fun along the way. He is mostly
self-inspired and whenever it clicks, takes inspiration from movies or songs. He can shift his style if he finds it interesting and comfortable.

You can look at some of Niclas' projects or follow him on his Tumblr / Instagram / Facebook