Empty Art Space

Concept / Paradox

Empty Art Space is a concept and a paradox in search for a liberation from the ordinary, the extraordinary, the political and the economic circumstances. It finds its way into the cracks where the light sneaks in. It’s always potentially critical and always seems to be about to be swallowed by the market forces.

This project echoes in the luring compositions of a still life or a tabula rasa, and invites you in. In the time of a constant information overload empty space is scarce and scary. We notice it. It makes us wonder. And we start to immediately fill it with what is natural means for us. An empty space could be both rebellion and inspiration.

If art is no longer about manufacturing and selling objects but rather about manufacturing and selling public image of the artist, Empty Art Space is an art space for public images. It is not empty, the artist is present. It is open, but he’s not here.

Antti-Juhani Manninen

Antti-Juhani Manninen is an artist working mainly with performing and sound, repeatedly revolving around the questions on the social, physical and spatial circumstances inside a performance or an art event. His works have dealt with performing and performance as such, the presence, relaxation and freedom of an artist. His works have visited Helsinki Festival, Kiasma, Ruisrock and Oulu city theatre. He’s a board member at artist association Arte and Tehdas theatre.

Antti Turkko

Antti Turkko is an artist whose multi-material installations combine various techniques to conceptual approach. His work seeks inspiration from the spatial and situational circumstances and the expectations of presenting and displaying. His works have been featured both in solo and group exhibitions, both in the gallery context and outside. He is a member of the board of the artist association Arte, which runs the Titanik Gallery in Turku.