Artturi Elovirta

Media Artist

Artturi Elovirta is an all-around media artist who works with wide range of media tools. He has worked in many fields of media and content production, e.g. sound designer for Finnish mobile company Jolla LTD and has worked as a VJ for several media festivals, international artists and groups mostly in Europe, also actively bringing new artist and phenomena to his hometown Turku.

Artturi is an active electronic hobbyist and a wannabe creative coder. He is a creative mind who is always eager to master new skills and to explore these ideas with a great visual eye: execute complex tasks, both in practice and in theory.

Artturi’s interests are in city development as he has been working on several projects to light up the city of Turku. As a cultural activator, he is bound to take Turku to a new level in the way we explore the media-art movement.