Art Incubator

Concept by curator Ville Laaksonen

An Arts Incubator is a concept by curator Ville Laaksonen, referring to the role of curator as someone working constantly with imaginary space that challenges the way they face reality. There is no necessity for space in immaterial future of art, while at the same time art is a cornerstone of producing material objects that are considered relics of our time; things that are really worth preserving to last generations. Contemporary artists have also come up with many forms of existing only for the moment, like a performance piece that has a duration, or an installation that is based more on the concept, rather than being a permanent work of art.

Art Incubator is a Kickstarter which challenges business visitors of SHIFT to explore the fundamentals of theirs work through 6 pieces that are carefully selected to describe different approaches to art. These ideas can be reflected to any level of practise and consumerism, and all we ask in return is that you tell us what art world should learn from the business world. Come up with new ways for the business world to embrace art world, and vice versa. How would you incubate artists to scale up their work to the next level?

Art Incubator is a collaboration between SHIFT and Arte, a Turku based artists’ association founded in 1960, which also runs the town’s biggest contemporary art space Titanik.

Art Incubator: Ville Laaksonen

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Art Incubated: Frank Brummel

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Art Incubated: Artturi Elovirta

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Art Incubated: Empty Art Space / Antti Manninen & Antti Turkko

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Art Incubated: Halmesmaa X3

#collaboration #design #experience #playfulness #swingers

Art Incubated: Hertta Kiiski

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Art Incubated: Nestori Syrjälä

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