Anna Holmlund


WHO - Anna Holmlund, 25, says she is mostly self-taught in art. She has also studied Fine Arts in the Novia University of Applied Sciences, and currently she focuses on Art History.

Anna comes from the archipelago of South-Western Finland, a town called Kemiö.

WHAT - At the moment, acrylic painting is what Anna mostly dedicates herself to. She might also turn to oil colours. The paintings have so far tended to be surrealistic and depict landscapes or have portrait as the theme. Besides painting, Anna does performance art such as tagtool light graffiti art, and works in an artists’ team in the Ateljee Tjuda Pedagogi. Performance art with clothes and craftmanship is what she wants to concentrate on in the future, as well as a good arts education since she strives to be an Arts teacher.

What Anna wants to convey with her art is wonder: a "lost in time, lost in space" kind of a feeling and relaxation in a colorful galaxy.

HOW - Anna draws inspiration from colors. Seeing a leftover palette makes her think what new she could do from that, and she starts experimenting. Movies, music and others creations, together with her daily life and experiences, also inspire her to create art.