Lately, new startup events pop up faster than people can count. Young professionals get together, network, come up with new ideas, find investors, build businesses together, some succeeding, some failing. SHIFT 2016 was one of those events. When the main theme "Collaboration" for SHIFT 2017 was coined, the team decided that openness and collaboration accross borders would characterize every aspect of the event.

If SHIFT truly aims to break borders - whether they are industry borders, geographical borders, cultural borders - why not break also generational borders, and specifically business-wise, experience level borders? It is a rule more than an exception, that business events will have some kind of a discounted ticket option for students. We couldn't help but wonder - was there ever a progressive business event, that had discounted tickets for the elderly, the most experienced folk of the nation? We couldn't find any - maybe there were - but even so, SHIFT decided to go one better.


100 Grand people is SHIFT's Suomi 100 -project, aiming to bring the vast knowledge of our senior citizens back to business. SHIFT invites a hundred retired seniors to the business festival, to share their experience in business as in life in general, with other festival visitors.

Senior citizens are the most experienced individuals of our nation - and in the spirit of an international business festival, we are honoring them with the title "Grand people". The one hundred Grand People chosen to attend SHIFT 2017 don't have to be from any specific field of study, expertise or experience - anyone who wants to learn new things, and in turn share their knowledge further, may apply. Just fill in the application form below by 30.4.2017 and you might be the lucky one! You may also nominate someone else you think deserves to get a free ticket to SHIFT 2017.

To qualify for the program, the applicant must be:

  • Over 65 years old
  • Retired
  • Able to move around the partly challenging Turku Castle and Kakola prison terrain
  • Note that the official program will be in English. This does not mean the applicant must speak English, since there are multiple other aspects to SHIFT, except the official program. Just please let us know beforehand, and we can assign a part-time assistant volunteer to help with translations, if necessary.

The chosen Grand People will get a free ticket to SHIFT 2017. Possible travel costs and/or accommodation are at applicant's own cost.


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