Boardroom challenge

This year SHIFT and Turku Chamber of Commerce are announcing something new

What is the Boardroom Challenge?

Are you as an organization facing a specific challenge? Or do you simply want to do things better? Your hopes and challenges could be anything – we offer the solution by bringing you the Boardroom Challenge.

How does it work?

Your organization gets the chance to showcase your specific hope or challenge to the SHIFT boardroom. The boardroom consists of thought leaders, people that have “done it” and rising stars. They will help out with your issue, leaving you with concrete learning. The Boardroom Challenge takes place on one of our main stages. Everybody can learn. Everybody can join. You are the star.

SHIFT 2017 offers 4 companies the unique chance to take part in the first ever Boardroom Challenge.

What could be suitable challenges or hopes?

You tell us! It could be anything from sales to going international, attracting the right people, keeping your staff motivated or the like. You can apply by writing us a short story about your company the hopes you have and/or the challenges you face.


Matti Rihko
Board Professional

#leadership #knowledge #boardroom

Marina Vahtola
Board Professional

#development #growth #boardroom

Margus Schults
CEO of Tallink Silja Ltd

#leadership #advisor #boardroom

Bruce James Oreck
Executive in Residence at Aalto University / Member of the Board of Directors of USGBC

#business #entrepreneurship #boardroom

Vesa Riihimäki
Nordea Startup & Growth Services

#growth #boardroom #startupecosystem

Jari Pasanen
Investor, growth company mentor, ex-Nokia tech & strategy executive

#boardroom #accelerators #startupcollaboration

Tanu-Matti Tuominen
Co-founder / Partner, IPR.VC Management Oy / Board Member at Åkerlund Foundation

#leadership #boardroom #media

Matti Copeland
Executive Director, EY

#business #growth #boardroom

Torsti Tenhunen
Founder, Pivot5 Oy and Chairman of FIBAN

#business #leadership #boardroom

Board Room Challenge - Application

Please title your application as a single question. Behind successful solutions lies a well-framed question.

Application must include the following information in English:

  • Company description
  • Annual revenue and profit/loss
  • Founding year
  • Number of personnel
  • Industry/Field
  • Countries of operation
  • Yearly growth forecast (%)
  • Description of goals and the challenges that face their achievement
  • Why this goal and challenge?
  • It's impact on core business activities?
  • How has the challenge been approached so far?
  • Why has the challenge not been solved?